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You get to playfully explore your own environment as if you've never seen it before. Taking pictures along the way of whatever catches your eye. There's always something new to discover. You'll see. I spy with my little eye...

Next we'll be adding titles to the pictures. What does the image tell you? Do others see the same? This can be a very insightful experience - as well as a lot fun.

In Wonderland it's not about technique or composition. And it's not about winning the grand prize for making the coolest pic. It is about what you discover for yourself, about what you see and the meaning you attach to it. And about the joy in seeing things from a different point of view. It's a place where there's no 'right' or 'wrong'.

Do you dare to go there?


Online meeting: connect, presentation + first assigment
Private excursion (at least 30 minutes)
Deadline submit first assignment through email
Receive second assignment through email
Deadline submit second assignment through email (can be done in about 10 mins)
Rounding up: online meeting, share and discuss experiences and insights.

What do you need?
* An explorer's mindset
* Internet (duh)
* A device to attend a MS Teams meeting
(no need to download or install anything, you'll receive an invite through email)
* A photographing device (smartphone is fine)
* And a device to receive and send emails (including your picture)
- Those can all be one and the same device, of course
* Weatherproof gear as you are going to get kicked out of the house!

What can you expect?
* Wonder, surprise, mindclearing, fresh view
* Insight into yours and others inner and outer world
* A fun experience with a lasting positive effect
* Exploring apart together

€ 35,- pp (ex vat)

Expedition size: min 8, max 12 explorers