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"Great experience and really good to interact with others that have diverse perspectives. Taking a refreshing look at everyday objects, people and places."

“A fun workshop that managed to actually teach me something in a very short period of time. And the first online workshop I attended that made us leave the house, a huge PLUS, especially in Corona times”

“Three holes in a brick wall can be really interesting. Eye-opener”

“I’d like to say now (halfway through) I already really love this workshop - it really makes you see differently”
* HKU *

"What a revelation to wonder (pun intended) around town. There’s suddenly so much to see, things that normally escape your attention. It really is like looking at the world with different eyes.
The second assignment led to a lot of unexpected creativity and fun in all of us. Well-matched with our morning theme: a change of mindset changes your view on things, people and situations! Thank you for this inspiring workshop!”

* Triodos *

“Had fun! I am totally inspired!”

“A wake up call and alluring invitation to explore more”

"Very positive, refreshing and fun. I felt connected to the others, even if it was online.”

“I really liked doing this, thank you for a great time”

“A lot fun and very inspiring. Energising too. Thanks for your enthusiasm”

“A fun, intuitive and creative moment”